Looking For A Unique And Eye-Catching Way To Elevate Your Plain Saree ?



I am Aekta Patel from Aj Designs. Yes, you read it right. We do bandhani designs on your plain saree.

We take great pleasure in showcasing some exquisite examples of the stunning sarees we have created for our esteemed customers. These masterpieces are a testament to the intricate craftsmanship of Bandhej and impeccable attention to detail that define our work.

Timeless Creations: Stunning Examples of Custom Bandhej Sarees


Process :

  1. You need to send your saree pictures on WhatsApp, connect using button below. 
  2. Mention how old is your saree and what is the material of the saree.
  3. After we receive your saree pictures we will consult with our experts about bandhani design if it is possible or not. 
  4. If a bandhani design is possible we will send you bandhani designs pictures with the price. (Starting price to design Bandhani on your Saree is Rs 6500/-)
  5. Once you selected a bandhani design you need to send your saree to Aekta Patel (Address Available after Chat on Whatsapp)
  6. After we received your saree it will take 7 to 10 working days for quality check. We have to ensure that the saree will not tear off in the process of tying and dying for bandhani. 
  7. If a bandhani design is not possible we will return your saree.
  8. If bandhani design is possible after quality check then we will need payment to start the process.
  9. Advance Payment: 50% after quality check before starting the process.
  10. After Bandhani Design is complete we will decide which colour is to be done on the full saree. 
  11. Please Note: The Bandhani Design colour will be your saree base colour. The Full Saree Colour can be of Darker Shade from your Saree Base Colour.
  12. Balance Payment: 50% after completing bandhani design and before colouring the saree. 
  13. If you want a roll press saree then after colouring the saree it will be roll pressed. 
  14. Finally the completed saree will be shipped to you on your given address. 

Terms & Conditions : 

  1. The saree should not be more than 5 years old.
  2. The saree material should be pure and in good condition.
  3. If the bandhani process is started and then the saree gets torn - because of material quality - then we will deduct 20% of the advance payment. This payment is for labour charges required for printing and starting the bandhani design. Rest of the payment will be returned along with your saree. 
  4. If the bandhani process is complete and the saree gets torn during colouring - because of material quality - then we will not refund any amount. Because this is a handicraft process and all the labour has been used to create the bandhani and colour the saree. The entire process is completed so no refund is possible. (Note: Usually this does not happen unless the saree is very old.)
  5. This whole process will take a minimum of 2 to 3 months from the date of advance payment. The actual time is depends on the design and saree material.

Get Bandhani on your own Saree  Talk to us using this button to get started today. 

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